Steak-Out: Story of a Lost Flame

Pictured above: Armando Cresta’s grill with some wings and beef (courtesy photo)

by Clayton Hoyle

It was a cool, early October evening. Armando Cresta and his friends were chilling and grilling some wings in the SMCC parking lot. “After a night of cooking chicken wings we kept the grill out so it could cool down,” he said. Cresta had gotten up early the next day for class and after that, he had a tattoo appointment. “Upon arriving back to campus around 3:00 pm I noticed it was missing… My roommate asked if I had taken it. I thought he had it!” Cresta said. At this point, it was clear that Cresta’s grill was stolen.

Cresta wasted no time posting his concerns to the SMCC app. Hanna Roux said how she saw a man driving a “white pickup truck with flashing orange lights” take the grill and throw it in the back of the truck. One would infer that the truck belonged to the SMCC grounds and maintenance. “Like if they want to have some steaks I’ll gladly make them some but like don’t take another man’s grill,” Cresta replied to Hanna’s comment on the matter.

Now Cresta had a “prime” suspect and a possible motive. Cresta made his way to security to find an end to this juicy story, but to his dismay, it didn’t end there. The next day he hunted down the SMCC head of facilities. He assumed they would be the next place to go to get his outdoor appliance back in his hands. They thought it was ditched in the parking lot even though Cresta put a traffic cone next to it. Cresta’s glad to have his grill back. It’s now safely back home in Massachusetts.

Grills on campus do bring up possible safety concerns due to the nature of them. One being in a parking lot could cause a tremendous accident. Jay Manhardt the Director of Public Safety at SMCC explained the rules for having grills on campus, “SMCC allows grilling at sponsored college events, but does not allow personal grills for safety reasons.” he said. Jason Saucier, the Director of Residential Life and Student Involvement at SMCC, provided an option for those who want to barbecue on campus “We do provide a charcoal grill for use by students on campus. The grill is located on the patio of Surfsite hall and if a student connects with the front desk staff at Spring Point Hall or with Lizz Tharpe our Resident Director for Spring Point Hall she would be happy to help set them up to use the grill. As for school policy, propane tanks are only to be stored in approved locations on campus for safety reasons,” he said.

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