Health On The Farm

by Alexandra Griffin

Hay Baling. My mom, Lisa Griffin, doing a power stance.

Photo by: Alexandra Griffin

WALL-E, an animated movie from 2008, depicts a robot that goes on a space journey to decide the fate of all living things. In one scene, WALL-E sees a room full of overweight people lounging in floating chairs. The chairs float because the humans cannot move around on their own. A later scene shows the hero’s spaceship landing on a future, rugged earth where the same unhealthy types will plant their first seedlings. A farming way-of-life will help them eat healthier and exercise more often. 

Farming is a healthy way to keep your body in shape, as there is a lot of walking, running, lifting, pushing involved, e  You name it, the farmers do it. On some farms they even have milking which makes your hands have quite a work out. My farm doesn’t have that but we sure do run around trying to get a chicken that has escaped coop. You might be laughing at this point, but we’re not because it’s not so fun when we have a Jack Russell in the mix trying to eat the chicken. A Jack Russel is a type of terrier and they will kill everything in their sight so we usually keep them in when that happens, and if we don’t there’s a lot of yelling and running around after the dog and chicken. We also have one cow that we move to our back pasture for the winter and that gives us a workout as well as sometimes the cow doesn’t want to go into the trailer. It gives us some stretches as we have to use a whip to tap the cow in the butt to get into the trailer while holding the gate closed. Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt the cow one bit. Just think of a cow built like a tank, no whip is going to hurt a tank. We also have a lot of exercise by doing hay baling every summer on our farm. My dad cuts the field on his tractor and then we have to wait for it to dry, after he’s tedding the field which makes the hay fluffy. Raking is the next step and that makes the hay turn into rows so we can finally get out there to bale the hay. While, my dad is using the bailer machine to scoop up the hay to make it into a square hay bail. My mom and I are lifting the bales up onto the truck and when we have enough we take the hay back to the barn and we unload onto the hay elevator. The hay elevator helps us haul bales of hay up to our loft so we don’t have to do it. We get lots of picking up hay bales and they are sometimes very heavy so that’s where we get our exercise. 

Planting crops is another important topic if you want to keep your body healthy because crops that you plant are a lot fresher than just going to the store and buying the food. There’s a big difference when you buy food from the stores and then plant food in the garden. In the stores, most of the vegetables have a lot of chemicals on them and that makes it not very good for our health. But, if it’s planted in people’s own gardens then there won’t be any chemicals that will affect us. The chemicals that you should stay away from are mainly Round-Up. But, there is a way to counteract that, you can soak the vegetables for five minutes in a vinegar and baking soda water bath. 

So, if you’re already planting your crops the next step would be to make something. You don’t really know what the food is going to taste like but when you do you will be amazed because it’s pretty amazing to taste something so fresh then just eating it out of the store. There are some things that my family and I do have to shop for but we look for the foods that are not made with MSG. MSG makes the food taste good but it definitely is not good for us because it has all these fake things in it that don’t make it good for us to digest. MSG can be under many different names, some of which are natural flavors, citric acid, yeast extract, hydrolyzed protein, caseinate, glutamate, and cornstarch. The other things that are not good for you are soy, artificial coloring or sweeteners, lactose, gluten’s, vegetable, corn or peanut oils.  

I went on a trip to Italy and they had this really fresh ravioli with real made tomato sauce without any MSG in it. We came home from our trip and we found some ravioli from one of the stores that we were shopping at and we tried it and it was disgusting. Well, this summer, my mom planted some really fresh and sweet tomatoes and she made some into a sauce and we sat down with our very home cooked meal of ravioli and tomato sauce. It tasted just like my experience from eating ravioli in Italy. It was amazing.  

Cucumbers and tomatoes from our garden.

Photo by: Alexandra Griffin 

You can become healthy if only you take these three steps into mind. I know what’s the important last step out of all of being healthy is being happy. Happy equals health and if we aren’t happy then we aren’t healthy. So, have fun with your life and try to live it the best way possible but only on a healthier diet. Farmers have the healthiest lifestyles in our whole history from the old ages to now. We have always had farmers in the communities and will hopefully still have farmers now. If we all support them and buy from their farms we will be healthier because farmers have the healthiest crops possible and they have fun doing it because that’s who they are. 

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