Letter to the Editor

Reader Loves Story on Coping Skills 

I was looking for an article on the Beacon that I could personally relate to. I saw the title of your article Peace in the Panic and it caught my eye. In your first paragraph you had talked about going to the hospital because you felt that you were having a heart attack. Girl I am so happy I am not the only one. I never in my life had experienced that pain before like I did that one September day back in 2012. I had just walked away from a very long toxic relationship with my oldest son’s father. I was getting harassed by his family over the phone. Then all of a sudden I felt like someone had punched me through my chest and was squeezing my chest with one hand and my heart with another. I stood there leaning and no matter what I did I couldn’t catch my breath. I looked at my mom and I just kept saying something was wrong. 

Fast forward to the hospital and after all the tests I was told I had anxiety. It was something that wasn’t really talked about and I didn’t know too much about it. I left the hospital more confused than I was before. I did a ton of research and it slowly started to make sense. I was going through something life changing. I was moving on with my life and my body was just telling me to take it slowly.  

I really liked how you talked about the things that your family did to try and find a new normal. Like trying to be healthy. I didn’t really know what that looked like or felt like  until I turned 30. I was so tired of feeling sorry for myself. It was my choice that I was putting everyone else’s problems and worries before myself. I came across this quote that I try to remind myself daily. Some people create their own storms, then get upset when it rains. 

I think this is so important during these times. If I could get a dollar for every panic attack I have had since March 2020, I would be a rich woman. I went from working 70 hours a week working two jobs, my children had solid schedules, life was good.Then the bad started to happen. I got laid off from my second job where I worked in social work with adults with developmental disabilities. That is another reason why I loved your article. Every parent I have met has felt the same way you expressed in your article.. I have a secret for you. Your son is going to move mountains. I work with kindest young men who have Autism and they truly have stolen my heart. They are the reason why I love my job. This pandemic has stopped me from seeing all the individuals I support on a daily basis in person to barely seeing them on a weekly basis on telehealth. It is so hard to watch people who need routine and structure have to adjust their lives in a matter of minutes. I may be losing my mind with working from home, having a son in kindergarten and can only go 2 days a week, trying to work at home and he thinks its a great idea to throw a tantrum.  A 12 year old who is currently failing 4 classes because he needs the structure school can offer. We are financially down an income. 

I find it weird saying this but it helps when I remind myself that I am not in this alone. I am not the only one going through tough times. It will be okay we will make it through this. I also have to remind myself that there are people out there who have it worse off than I do. Even though 2020 feels like groundhog day. I know that soon things will feel a little more normal. Thank you for reminding me that anxiety is okay, that being healthy and finding healthy habits can help make things seem a little less scary.

Thank you,

Desiree Kenny 

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