Healthy Helpings

or, How to Stomach Love

by Addie Blais, contributor 

Food has always been one of the best ways to lift someone’s spirits. In some cases when we go through break ups there’s nothing more comforting than spooning ice cream out of a gallon carton or even gathering around a table with our loved ones to celebrate thanks, or just simply enjoying some of our favorite comfort foods from a long day at work. There are many ways we can be comforted by food which helps promote a happy state of mind, but when does food become harmful to our health.

Our bodies are remarkable in ways that can fight harmful bacteria, diseases, and heal open wounds. Our bodies fight everyday so that we can live our lives without even recognizing all the things our bodies do from within. We lack on giving our body credit for all these things and yet we fuel them with foods that lack in value. Self love includes nutrition. Self love includes eating those vegetables you tend to push to the side of your plate. Self love includes drinking enough water to hydrate your body. Self love includes everything we put inside our bodies that contribute in functioning in our everyday lives. 

When was the last time you tracked everything you put into your body? Are you fueling your body with foods that promote a healthy living? Challenge yourself to eat something that benefits your health.  Fueling your body with nutrients that we tend to lack on any given day will be the start to healthier living, and self care. This does not mean we have to avoid eating the foods we love, but instead incorporate more nutrient dense foods into our diets. Eat good. Live well.

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