A Pour Man’s Love

Definitive Ale

by Tim Randall

There’s a lot of things in Maine that attribute to the reason why we call it, “Vacationland.” Maine has more than 17 million acres of woods and waterways that stretch across our beautiful state and some of the best beer in the country. And Mainers know that it takes more than just knowledge and love to grow some of the freshest, healthiest grains, hops, malts and produce to satisfy Maine’s ongoing needs.
One of Maine’s most valuable resources is our clean water which has remained well above the national average since 2006 according to the 2019 Measures of Growth by the Maine Development Foundation. Maine and its people are all for preserving, protecting and sustaining our lakes, rivers and streams to ensure a healthy lifestyle filled with good beer, good food and good times.
Maine has some of the strongest environmental laws that protect the quality of their water, as well as their beer. The average beer is typically between 90 to 95 percent water and the quality of beer depends on the purity, pH balance, and mineral content of that water which contributes to the overall taste and quality of Maine’s beer. It also explains why Portland is America’s craft beer capital.
In Maine there are a total of 155 active licensed breweries, and the number keeps on rising. Maine is home to so many different breweries who focus on a wide variety of styles and recipes. Keeping Maine’s woods and waters clean and healthy sets us apart from the rest by reducing the need for costly treatments of drinking water.
Mainers, tourists and visitors flock to the state to visit breweries like Allagash Brewing who have been around for 25 years, perfecting their craft one day at a time. Allagash is known for their award winning Belgian style ale, Allagash White, and is known to offer some of the most spontaneous fermented ales that catch the eyes and taste buds of thousands. Every beer is wildly unique and brewed with love.
In addition to Allagash, another Maine brewery that people have been known to love is Bissell Brothers Brewing. Bissell Brothers opened in 2011 and continues to supply Mainers and New Englanders with fresh New England IPAs, mixed fermentation ales and barrel-aged goodies. Their flagship IPA, The Substance Ale turned the heads of many and continues to woo the palates of thousands throughout the United States. Bissell Brothers Brewing has definitely brewed up a name for themselves and have no intentions of settling.
Lastly, Maine was blessed with Definitive Brewing Company in 2018 and they have continued to attract crowds since day one. Their flagship IPA, The Definitive Ale is a tasty, smooth, and an outright enjoyable IPA that is always fresh and worth the grab. Definitive Brewing shares a variety of beers with their community and one style in particular is taking a notice. Their double fruited sour ales cross the lines between beer and heavily fruited smoothies.
The businesses and the people in Maine care about the longevity of our beautiful state for reasons beyond themselves. Mainers know that tourism, recreational activities and the beauty of our state relies on these good qualities and ensures Vacationland remains a Vacationland.

Photo by Tim Randall / @thenewenglandbeerguy on Instagram.

The Beer is Definitive Ale from Definitive Brewing Company in Portland, ME

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