The Write Kind of Love

by Tim Randall

The sixth issue of The SMCC Beacon looks at love through its many different forms. Our past issues featured a striking cover; this time we wanted to give feeling and form to the translations of love through a typographic poster. We also showcase the seven different Greek words for love at the top of each section in our paper to emphasize that we love in many different ways.

All of our articles address love in one of these aspects of, or angles on, love. Whether it’s in verse form on our Poetry Page or on the big screen in the story “Reel Love, our writers look beneath the surface. “The Write Kind of Love” talks about the loving thoughts we pen to our paramours, while “Food For Thought” reminds us to love ourselves by staying healthy.

Sam Jacobs writes about “The Strongest Bond,” describing her love for her son, Carter. It is the type of love that usually goes beyond words, but she found a way to tell the story.

We loved creating this issue. Do you love it too? Comment on thesmccbeacon.wordpress.com

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