My Cups of Coffee

By Anna DesLauriers,

A small black coffee.
At first,
Hissing, spitting, scared.
Taking charge and taking names.
Later on,
Playful, tender, young.
A crunching machine.
A soft roadblock in the hallway.

A medium mocha.
At first,
Timid, learning, loving.
Spending time in the sun.
Later on,
Always caring, always stretching, always sleeping.
Older now.
Tired of your shit.

A large macchiato.
At first,
Inquisitive, curious, youthful.
Batting at any toy around.
Later on,
Loyal, selectively affectionate, a free spirit.
Bites the hand that feeds,
While also protecting the hand that comforts.

Categories: Health

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