Interstate 295 To Close Later This Month for Improvements

New Widened Bridge and Veranda Street and Route 1 Junction Area Improvements

By Ian Kerr

Something that will affect hundreds Mainers and Interstate 295 users will be taking place at the end of the month. The overpass above Veranda Street will be replaced. The work will take a week, starting Monday October 18th and ending Monday October 25th. In a new strategy for Maine DOT, the bridge will be built along side the existing bridge, and moved into place when complete. This will reduce the amount of time a detour/closure will be necessary for that busy section of I295. Along with the 6 decade old bridge being replaced, Route 1 and Veranda Street will also be updated to improve traffic flow in that congested area. The Maine DOT will use a “Self Propelled Modular Transporter” to move the bridge into the correct position. Modular transporters are used to move things like the Space Shuttle, with NASA’s “Crawler”. The Maine DOT has created a website called verandaplan.org. This site will show detour routs to avoid the area. It also includes a FAQ quest. This is what the new widened bridge and updates to the Route 1 Veranda Street intersection area will look like, before and after:

The replacement will cost $20.8 Million, and the contract was given to general contractor Cianbro. This section of I295 and the Veranda St/Route 1 area has heavy traffic most of the day, so these improvements are going to make a positive difference to road users.

Murphy, Edward D. “Section of i-295 in Portland to Close for a Weekend in October.” Press Herald, 22 Sept. 2021, https://www.pressherald.com/2021/09/21/section-of-i-295-over-veranda-street-to-close-for-a-weekend-in-october/.

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