Life as a Soccer Player

I sat down with SMCC Men’s Soccer player, Sonny DaBica. Sonny is a Sophomore at SMCC, currently taking Gen Ed classes and is from North Conway, New Hampshire. Sonny is a great asset to the team, he is the starting wing and has a great IQ of the game. 

BM: So, how is your season going so far?

SD: Pretty good. I could definitely say we could go better with our record, I think we lost a lot of games that we could have won, but I think we’re starting to find our stride as a team, starting to understand how each of us plays and our chemistry is getting better. I feel very optimistic for the second half of our season.

BM: Awesome. Do you have any challenging teams that you have played so far you’re looking forward to?

SD: That we’ve played so far, definitely Fort Kent. They smoked us, but other than that, I feel like every other team we have played was pretty beatable.

BM: So, what are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?

SD: As a player, I would say, strengths, is my first touch and dribbling to an extent. I definitely say weakness, though I’m not as fast as I wish I was, like my sprint speed.

BM: Ok, now what do you think the strength and weakness are of the team?

SD: Definitely strength is we’re a group that gets along really well. You see it when we’re playing a team and we start beating them, you see them start to kind of fall apart on each other and blame each other and stuff like that, but we don’t do that at all. Which is cool to be a part of because most every team I’ve played on was like we would get snippy.

BM: What about the weaknesses?

SD: I would say that some of our losses have been games we shouldn’t have lost. I think we like to play the long ball a little too much, we should keep it on the floor more than we do.

BM: What aspect of training has helped you improve as an individual player?

SD: I would say repetition honestly because I hadn’t played in like, almost three years on a team. We do a lot of repetition with our touch and you played last year, you do the sit down 20 touches on each foot but yeah simple stuff like that just always helps. Also being able to play with everyone more and more. 

BM: Yeah, definitely. I like that. I forget what they were called, but I remember doing that, you sit on the ground and then you do 20 right and left. Yep. Yeah, that was awesome. Now, what aspect of training has helped you improve as a team player?

SD: Well I’d say a lot of our practice, we do alot of possession stuff. And I think that’s just helped me put more of an emphasis on scanning the field more, whenever I can. So, before I’ve made a pass or received the ball, I’ve made a decision on where to go and where to pass too. 

BM: Yeah, for sure. Now how do you manage being an athlete and a student?

SD: It’s definitely, at least for me, a bit of a challenge. I’d say honestly what’s hurt me the most is my social life a little bit because I do have to do homework and like I do kind of prioritize that a little bit, don’t get me wrong I still like do stuff around here, but I would definitely like to hang out with people more than I do, just because game days takes up like six hour. It is a huge time commitment.

BM: No I remember doing that and you know having to come home from a game at, let’s say like eight o’clock, do homework until 12, wake up at seven for class so I definitely understand that. What are your goals this season as a player?

SD: As a player, I would say my goals are more to help us win. I feel good that I’m starting. I feel like I’ve been growing into myself more and more, but I would say my goals are that I want us to win our conference and a national appearance.

BM: Yeah, for sure. Now, this question has nothing to do with soccer, but where do you see yourself in five years?

SD: Not in New England, part of me always wanted to go into the Coast Guard, to be honest, it’s just hard. It’s hard to leave the life I have here for that but it’s a big commitment too. I would say, either coast guard or living somewhere where there’s no winter, honestly.

SMCC Men’s Soccer team looking to win the conference championship once again and make a nationals appearance. They have a great squad and they have what it takes to win again.

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