Hard Disk Drive vs Solid State Drive

Over the last couple of years, computers significantly changed. With innovations in technology, computers changed from a machine that took up a whole room to tiny laptops. With new technology, the way data is stored has changed significantly. Now, it is even possible to store data in the cloud, Where users store data in a remote physical location and access it through the internet. This way, the data can be accessed by multiple devices. So far, the data can only be stored in physical drives. There are two types of physical drives that are very popular right now; Hard disk drive(HDD) and Solid State Drive(SSD). There are major differences between HDD and SSD.

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Hard disk drive(HDD): These types of data storage are bulkier and work similarly as vinyl records to store data. It has a series of platters covered by a ferromagnetic coating. The direction of magnetization represents individual bits. The data is read and written by a head that moves extremely fast from one part of the drive to another. Because of the mechanical part, the HDD is fragile and slow.

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Solid State Drive(SSD): The newer version of computers uses SSD to store data. These drives store data on flash memory, which consists of the individual memory cell storing bits that are instantly accessible by the controller. SSD is used in newer laptops because they are non-mechanical, require less power and space.
Both of these types of drives can store large amounts of data. However, SSD is closer to a hundred times faster than hard drives and is less likely to suffer from physical damage. These features come with a price. SSDs are significantly more expensive than HDDs. Depending on the use and the price range, sometimes HDD is a better choice. For example, HDD is a cheaper way to store a large amount of data. Additionally, the HDD is bigger, which makes it hard to physically lose it.

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  1. SSDs are pricier than the traditional HDD. But the higher price does come with a valid reason: SSDs offer significantly better performance than traditional hard disk drives. However, this complex system needs to be treated with care. Due to the very intricate moving parts that make it a work of art, an HDD can be permanently damaged by a small shock. On top of that, HDDs are sensitive to heat.


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