Meet The Health Editor!

By Elizabeth Fortier

Elizabeth Fortier

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Fortier. 

This is my second year at SMCC in the Communications & New Media program.  I grew up in Falmouth Maine, and graduated from Falmouth High school. As a center fielder for the SMCC softball team, I’m proud to be a Seawolf! My interests include music, cosmetology, baseball, and cooking. As the new Health editor for The Beacon, we’ll explore the importance of staying on top of health and wellness. Why? As a college student, I’m aware of how stressful school can be. Is the pandemic making it harder? I plan to be writing about new covid-19 updates as well as health tips and hacks! Look for day-to-day coping tips and healthy hacks that will benefit you in the long run. Contact me by clicking my name in the staff box, send me your story ideas, or any tips you’d like to share.

Categories: Health

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