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Nick Lawler

My name is Nick Lawler and I am one of the new editors for the Arts and Culture section of The SMCC Beacon! I am currently a student at SMCC and have a lot of interest in art of all kinds. For me graphic design is a subject that is of utmost interest. My goal is to make appealing images for the masses. However, my passion also extends to the music world. Being a lover of music has a lot of seemingly predestined opinions, and being able to share them is a dream of mine. My skills are not just in creating opinions, but also in creating music itself! Conforming to one style is not my cup of tea, rather, creating and listening to a wide variety of genres is my goal! In that way I will not be biased by a certain style or sound, and my personal belief is that no form of expression is worth more than another. Listening to music at home is not enough for me. Going to shows and reporting on local happenings is of absolute importance in preserving and promoting the local culture. Ultimately, sharing things of personal interest extends not only to just posting on a local school’s newspaper. It carries onto what my personal goals are and my reason for going to school in the first place. My goal is to learn ways to express myself and to allow my expression to create unity and a sense of camaraderie with my peers and my fellow humans in the community. 

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