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About JD!

Justin Dennison

Hello everyone! my name is Justin Dennison, but I go by JD.

It is my first year at SMCC and I am going to be majoring in Communications And New Media. Media has always been something that interested me and hope to share that with all my readers. As a news editor for The SMCC Beacon, I will be covering the Arts & Culture section.

I am going to be focusing on music, and writing articles that cover new releases, top artists, and anything else in the music industry. Focusing on music is very important to me, and not many people realize how important it really is. Culture is heavily influenced by music and there is a magnitude of examples of this. Since its creation music has brought people together, whether it’s a festival, concert, or even just a small band playing. People take the chance to forget about all the bad and find peace and harmony through music. It’s truly something beautiful. But that’s not the only thing music influences. It has tremendously changed fashion. Fashion trends created by artists are nothing new, the biggest pop culture influence on fashion was of the Beatles and Rolling Stones. There was also Woodstock, Flower Power, psychedelic drugs, and Hippy Lifestyle which brought out vibrant hues in fashion. Music has even been a tool for social change. Music has always been an important piece of me, I hope to share how powerful music can be through my articles and others.

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