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Xander Morley

Hi, I’m Xander Morley and I will be co-editing for the technology section of The SMCC Beacon with Anthony Gendron. I am looking to go into the field of audio and graphic design. My proficiency is within the realm of sound and digital art, hence my love for technology. Working with music and the technical side of it definitely helped me hone my skills and made me realize where my future would take me.

Music is the way to my heart, especially rock and hip-hop; which would explain why those are the genres I make in my own music. In my life, there are many animals that fill my already over-stuffed home, but it’s a very much so welcome over-stuffed home. When you have 8 cats, 3 dogs, and 5 other family members, it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, but they definitely help make a house a home. When you grow up a huge nerd with a lot of energy and no outlet for it, you tend to pick up on a few hobbies. Some of my favorite things to do are play video games, write and record lyrics/vocals for my own songs, hang out with my friends, read an unhealthy amount of comic books, and many more pastimes that come and go as time goes on. With school, my plans are to hone my skills as a writer and an artist and hopefully find a career in movies and TV shows, live performances, such as plays or shows played by artists and bands. My goals with all the music and sound work mixed with graphic design may come off as pretty ambitious but it’s still the end goal!

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