Travel With Me

Dominique Oliver

I’m a senior CNMS student at Southern Maine Community College, at the start of the Spring semester I was offered the opportunity to be an editor for The SMCC Beacon. I chose to be the writer for the travel section as it is a passion of mine. Writing for this section is something that excites me due to the fact that broadcast journalism is a career choice that has caught my eye. Writing for the Beacon allows me the chance to see if this is the route for me. In the field of journalism, news broadcasting interests me. Traveling is a huge goal of mine. One day I plan to visit all fifty states, and as many countries as I can. Future plans are still up in the air as I change my mind on a daily basis. Social Media Marketing/Management is another field that interests me, and a direction I plan to pursue. As someone who is outgoing and social, this is an advantage in that field of work. Living life in the unknown is something that fascinates me; one day I could be here in Maine and the next day somewhere far away.

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