Arts & Culture


Daniel Nemitz, 2021

It’s time to introduce myself — my name is Daniel and I am choosing to be one of the new editors for the Arts & Culture section of The SMCC Beacon! Compared to the other categories, Arts & Culture stands out to me the most — and seems to be one of the less-appreciated topics, regardless of its endless amount of entertaining reads. In addition, Arts & Culture has plenty of sub-categories to write about, including food, entertainment (television, reading, etc.), and on-campus activities. At the moment, it is not clear what sub-categories will be selected in the meantime, but quite a handful of ideas linger throughout my thinking. In final words, Arts & Culture will be interesting to write about — as many possible ideas wait to meet the keyboard.

On a personal note — it is time to talk about myself for a brief moment. I am a writer who enjoys a good read, while enjoying television, photography, theatre, and acting, but especially voiceover work, and spending time with close friends. We have a dog, two lizards (bearded dragons), and a yellow-naped amazon (a parrot) — all of whom we love dearly! On another side note, spare time usually leads me to watch tons of television shows — which is what my current activity is if there’s nothing busy in my schedule. 

Hopefully, you are able to take something away, or learn something new, from my informative writings in the near future — or not, as long as they are enjoyable reads!

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