Meet the New Tech Section Co-Editor

Anthony Gendron

I am Anthony Gendron, the new co-editor of The SMCC Beacon Technology section for the Spring 2022 semester. Xander Morely is the second co-editor of the Technology section and we will work together to fill this section with quality content. I’ve always had an interest in technology, especially computers, which is why this section was a sure choice. Digital technology can be so fascinating. Look forward to reading about the latest in technology innovation and the ever-changing tech landscape in this section this semester.

This is my second semester at SMCC as a full-time student and liberal studies major. I am spending time at SMCC to take classes that explore careers that are both interesting and engaging. These classes include Botany, Horticulture, Digital foundations, and News Writing & Production. My main interests are biological sciences and arts such as writing, drawing, and graphic design. Creative writing, reading, and illustration have always been great hobbies.

An interest in writing guided me towards taking News Writing & Production and I am looking forward to gaining insight into the life of a news writer, and seeing if it might be a good career match. 

Please enjoy the content of this section and reach out with any comments and suggestions.

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