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Submit Your Poetry and Art!

This is me and my horse, Sugar.

Hello readers, my name is Alexandra Griffin, the new editor for The Beacons, poetry and art section. This isn’t my first time as the editor of this section, in 2021 this section was my domain. Instead of contributing to The Beacon, I decided to pursue other classes. But I am back now and am super excited!

As a junior here at SMCC, I am really growing to understand what I want to focus on. Writing is one of my passions and it has really become a part of me. But, then again, in the New Media & Communications classes, Radio Journalism is also very appealing.

Please send any poetry or art that you would like to have published in The Beacon is accepted. I will have to include the artists name and the title of the work. Just click on my name in the staff box in this work.

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