Local Politics

This Semester in Local Politics

Emma Campbell

Hi, I am Emma Campbell and I will be the new editor for local politics and op-eds in The SMCC Beacon. Writing has always been a passion of mine, as are politics, and I look forward to merging those this upcoming semester by participating in The Beacon. It’s very important for citizens to be informed about what is happening in their community. Last semester an article of mine was published in The Beacon in which I interviewed four different people about the Covid vaccine mandate for EMS workers. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed interviewing and hope to interview more people for my pieces this semester, it’s a great way to explore different viewpoints which is important for any kind of news. After exploring numerous subjects at SMCC starting part-time in the fall of 2019, this past fall was my first full-time course load and communications/new media is my major. Reading the news is a part of my daily routine, so being a journalist in the future just makes sense.

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