Foods that will boost your immune system 

Photo by Madison Inouye from Pexels

With COVID-19 being the talk of the town, it’s important to think about your health and to boost your immune system. Now, before you roll your eyes. These key foods are affordable and delicious! Keep an eye out for products that contain immune-response strengtheners. At home or in a dorm room these drinks/foods are easy to keep around. Starting with my favorite, Pedialyte! You can find Pedialyte at any grocery store including Walmart, Target, etc. Pedialyte is filled with electrolytes and zinc (zinc for immune support). The best part is the beverage tastes like Gatorade! Yum, right?

With this next suggestion, I’m calling out to all the baseball players out there! It’s Sunflower seeds! Sunflower seeds are full of nutrients like phosphorus, vitamins, and magnesium. It contains vitamin E which is important in regulating and maintaining the immune system. 

Last but not least, Yogurt.  Next time you go out to the local grocery store, pick up some yogurt. Try to get plain greek yogurts rather than the kind that are flavored and loaded with sugar. Greek yogurt helps fight diseases in the gut. You can add healthy fruits and a drizzle of honey to your greek yogurt to add some sweetness. Yogurt also has vitamin D. Vitamin D is good because it helps regulate the immune system and boosts our body’s natural defenses against diseases. Living in Maine, it is important to maintain vitamin D levels as the days get shorter. 

Of course, there are many other healthy options to keep your immune system healthy. These are three easy and college-friendly options to consider. I hope you all are staying safe and healthy. 

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