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Local Events Happening In Southern Maine!

Wednesday February 9th-

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  • Last and First Men at Space Gallery, Portland

Thursday February 10th-

  • Mike Block Trio at One Longfellow Square, Portland

Friday February 11th-

  • Mouth Washington, Mother Earth Freedom Band, and Lake Over Fire at Space Gallery, Portland 

Thursday February 17th-

  • Parker McCullom at Aura, Portland

Friday February 18th-

  • Dark Desert Eagles at Aura, Portland
  • Felecia Cruz at Terps, Lewiston
  • ZUD with Buzzy and God Emperor Penguin at Sun Tiki Studios, Portland

Saturday February 19th-

  • Wild Rivers, Cory Harper at Portland House of Music & Events, Portland
  • The Royal Arctic Institute, Minibeast, and Spall at Sun Tiki Studios, Portland 
  • Felicia Cruz at Aura, Portland
  • Ruckus Cup 2022 with Ill By Instinct at Aura, Portland

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