Locked out for Now

The MLB (Major League Baseball) is still dealing with its lockout after almost 2 months. As we get closer to opening day of the season. The owners and players are nowhere near an agreement. At this point the players are really starting to rip into the commissioner for being such a terrible commissioner. The owners tried to get a mediator to help with the discussion, but the players refused to agree to the mediator, because the owners aren’t willing to bargain for the new Collective Bargain Agreement. 

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Rich Hilltalking to Sean McAdam of Boston Sports Journal. “It’s so frustrating to see him reducing the draft, cutting the number of minor league teams. Why, so you can save a few bucks? But It’s not about saving the money; it’s about killing the game,” Hill said. “Ten years from now, we’ll say, ‘Jeez, what happened to baseball?’ You don’t see it in the present. This is something that’s going to affect the game a decade from now. That’s where I have a problem with these things.”

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