The Metaverse

An Ambitious Digital Future

Parent company Facebook, now Meta, has a new logo too.

Virtual reality is often thought of as a science fiction trope or a gaming method that involves large goggles and strange controllers. 3D virtual worlds may not seem so far-fetched with the developments of VR technology in recent years, but the prevalence of such virtual environments could soon rapidly rise. 

The company previously known as Facebook has now changed its name to Meta and has shifted its focus towards developing virtual technologies. Facebook will keep its name for now, but the parent company is rebranding. Meta has been working towards the development of a project called the metaverse, a virtual experience with wide implications. This ambitious project, with additional tech giants such as Apple and Google involved, is intended to be a new digital format for everything from gaming to education. 

Meta provides a page listing information about the upcoming metaverse. The site lists that the developing technology will have social, gaming, exercise, work, lifestyle, learning, and commerce applications. The metaverse is intended to be a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality – an experience bringing you into the digital world and bringing the digital world into ours.

When this technology will be mainstream and its practicality remains to be seen, but it is an exciting prospect. The metaverse is an ambitious project by the leading tech companies and we should keep an eye on their progress as this new combination of virtual reality and augmented reality develops. To learn more about this developing technology visit Meta’s site or click here.

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