News Years Resolution Broken?

How one word can carry you

If you catch yourself saying, “I already broke my new year’s resolution…now what?” Now that the hype of the new year is gone, it’s hard to keep the resolutions once made on January 1. At the end of the day, we are all human. It’s normal to lose interest or control. We can’t just become mentally ready to change our ways because a date in a calendar says it’s the day to start. If you found yourself failing to complete a new years resolution you were once hopeful about, try this.

Change the word “resolution” and choose a word for the year. Pick a word that inspires you to become a better YOU. This is a mindful way to support what you need and not what you want to succeed. Choose activities that will support your intention and word. You will find yourself doing things that you didn’t know you needed to feel good. It’s a good thing to set yourself up for success by putting yourself together to get what you want to bring your attention to.

Now, how do you find a word? Start by writing down the goals you want to see happen: less stress, more physical exercise, less time on our phones, stop worrying about what others think, etc., Take these goals and find one word from them that makes you feel relaxed. Self-love should be your number one priority.

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