Mid-Major to the Show The story of Christopher Troye

Christopher Troye pitching

Christopher Troye was born in Hayward California in 1999. The 6’4 225lb pitcher attended UC-Santa Barbara. Troye was selected in the 346th overall pick in the 12th round of the 2021 MLB Draft. 

When asked about coming from a mid-major school mentions that yeah, I mean, I think it’s no question. You know, UCSB is definitely a mid-major school. And mentions that the university has produced some amazing MLB talent including Shane Bieber winning the CY Young and Dillon Tate and Kyle Nelson and that they might be mid-major, but I think the talent is nothing short of the best. 

In conversation with him, he mentioned that being teammates with some other players that were drafted was huge for him. But for me, you know, it was really helpful to be playing with a lot of good players. You know, with Michael McGreevy in the first round Rodney Boone, and just a few other guys that they got picked before I did. It was really helpful to have those guys on my team. And .. for me, I knew I was gonna get drafted, I guess I just didn’t really know when or where, and, you know, I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity to compete and to keep getting better.

I asked him what it was like getting drafted by the Red Sox. “It’s awesome, dude. It’s, it’s awesome. I was I was unbelievably excited to get drafted by the Boston Red Sox growing up, you know, I grew up a Giants fan. I’m from the Bay Area. And the Red Sox were my American League team. So whenever I was rooting for the American League, or for any other team besides the Giants, I was rooting for the Red Sox. And so to see that come full circle, and then I’m getting drafted by him, I think is I mean, I like I said, “Man, I’m just unbelievably grateful and unbelievably blessed.” 

He tells me that growing up, he was a catcher,“I really never pitched until my freshman year of high school or college. My freshman fall at UCSB carchex converted me to pitcher. So prior to that I was a catcher. And of course, you know, Buster Posey, not either. So growing up and watching him do his deal and won a couple National League and M VPs for the Giants and won a few World Series rings. I mean, it was a good time to be a catcher in the Bay Area.”

He talked about the transitions from behind the plate to on the mound. “But I was very hesitant. You know, I was just coming off of the Under Armor all American game at Wrigley and being a highly touted, catching prospect. There’s a guy in front of me, one of my best friends now, his name’s Eric Yang, who won runner up to the Buster Posey award, behind Adley rutschman. The year that he got drafted, so a pretty good catcher. And they basically because checks and coaching staff basically sat me down and said, Hey, man,you’re awesome, probably have a better opportunity to impact our team quicker on the mound.but you know, I’m happy, I’m happy that we did it then in there, and I’m happy that cut checks and the coaching staff turned me into a pitcher.”

In 2019 Troye had a UCL injury so I asked him about the rehab.  “You know, I think

I think really what kept me going was knowing that I had more in the tank like I, I felt like I could have been, I could be a lot better pitcher with just more time and more experience. And honestly, if I just had more time to get better at it. Because at that point, I mean, it’s what two and a half years of pitching at that point, maybe two years of pitching. So I knew I just had a lot left in the tank. And obviously I throw hard and I’ve got a good fastball. So really just knowing that I want to be the best pitcher I can be and I’m fully committed to that plan. And so to me, Tommy John is just a step apart of it.”

Finally, I asked him about his plans for 2022. “An opportunity to get better now. I know that sounds boring and cliche. But truthfully, now you know, I’m currently in Santa Barbara.Training in the offseason I think really what I’m most excited about is just to have the opportunity to compete and to have the opportunity and the best resources that I could have to get better as a pitcher.”

After interviewing Troye was a very easy going guy who was easy to talk to, and gave an amazing interview. I can’t wait to see in Portland for the Sea Dogs and the Boston Red Sox

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