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The Half Time Show Of The Century!

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The Super Bowl is arguably one of the biggest events that happen in America. Every year in February the NFL playoffs reach their final game. And 2 teams face off for the title of World Champions. However, even if you don’t like sports you may tune in for the Halftime Show. Every year the NFL gathers some big celebrities from the music industry. In the past, they have had performances from stars as big as Prince, Paul McCartney, and Madonna. 

This year is no different besides for the first time the NFL has brought in Artists from the Rap/Hip-Hop Industry. The list of performers is packed full of huge talent and legends. Performing during the Superbowl 56 Halftime Show is  Eminem, Dre Dre, Snoop Dog, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige. The Los Angeles Rams are going to be hosting the Superbowl in the Los Angeles area which is known for its history with Rap and Hip-Hop. Dr.Dre said this in a news conference that was held before the performance “I’m not trying to be egotistical or anything, but who else could do this show here in LA?” Honestly, Dre had a point. With a city with such a strong connection to Rap, The Artists had to be some legends. 

With all these artists having multiple hit songs many fans were wondering what songs they would even be able to fit into the tight 13-minute timeframe that they had. Surprisingly they were able to fit in a magnitude of songs during the performance. they played the songs  “Next Episode” “California Love” “In Da Club” “Family Affair” “No More Pain” “Alright” “M.A.A.D City” “Forget About Dre” “Lose Yourself” “Still D.R.E” 

The song choices, without doubt, highlighted Dr.Dre and some are saying that the show was designed to honor his career and legacy. This makes sense because all the people performing had connections and personal histories with Dr.Dre. Dre has produced songs for these icons, had them under their label at times. And of course, Dr.Dre has countless successful songs of his own. Featured in the show was one of his most iconic songs “Still D.R.E” this song features Snoop Dogg, which made it a no-brainer for the show. Dr.Dre even put a lot of his own money into the production of the show. He did this because he thought the venue was such a perfect fit and he wanted to make sure the show was perfect too.

These stars delivered one of the most memorable performances in Super Bowl History. And proved the point that rap and hip-hop were the only options when it came to performing in Los Angeles.

However, it wasn’t just all smooth sailing in this performance. In an interview with ET, The Super Bowl halftime performance’s executive producer Jesse Collins said that the timing was a big struggle to overcome. According to Collins, there were was just so many moving parts, and it was extremely difficult to get the mini-concert to the desired length. This is how he put it: “We’ve been in development of this since last September, just talking every week, every single moment, and we’ve been in hard rehearsals probably for the last three weeks. I think the hardest part of it was getting it [down] to 13 minutes.”

With all the great music and a great game from both teams, fans that were at the game and/or watching at home all without a doubt had some great entertainment. Personally, I watched the game live but if you happened to miss be sure to check out some clips on youtube for yourself! Trust me it’s worth your time.

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