Sam Adams Wicked Air and Apres

 Sam Adams Wicked Air and Apres

It’s a zero degree night at Sunday River in Newry, Maine, the wind is howling with enough force to knock over a small child. Yet there are over 1000 people climbing up the mountain to watch an event unfold. 10 pro skiers and snowboarders from across the country are hitting a gargantuan jump the length of a school bus. State of the art laser projection mapping by Boston Dynamic was lighting up the jump. Along with smoke and fireworks setting the mountain and sky ablaze. The athletes are flipping, spinning, twisting and executing any type of extreme aerial stunt you can imagine. The crowd was roaring at the top of their lungs. What kind of event is this you may ask? The Sam Adams Wicked Air and Apres of course. 

This event was different from most, normally an event such as this would be a competition format, however the Sam Adams Wicked Air and Apres was not a competition. Instead it was more focused on the riders just having fun on the jumps executing their tricks with style. The lights and lasers lit up the riders in the air to make for an incredible sight. One of my good friends George Menezes was in the competition. A videographer named Patrick Fogerty  captured an amazing shot of George executing a cork 5 lead mute. At the perfect moment when George was flying through the air, a single firework went off, exploding right behind him. He stomped the landing perfectly. 

If you were lucky enough to attend the event you may have been able to make it to the fence and high five the riders as they were going up the rope tow. The cold was almost unbearable at times, but the constant flow of Sam Adams kept the frostbite at bay. The good vibes and the athletes high fiving you as they were dragged uphill by the rope tow was another great way to be distracted from the cold. Legends in the sport of snowboarding like Tim Humphreys and Scotty Lago were getting hyped and just enjoying themselves. Normally an event like this would put a ton of pressure on the athletes, However, due to the unusual format the riders could relax and just have fun. There was also some young talent there as well, Ryan Stevenson who is an Olympic hopeful attended and participated in the event as well. 

 For the adults who attended there were free drinks and a meet and greet in South ridge lodge with the athletes who participated in the event. Stickers, posters, trail signs and other goods were given out by the athletes along with signatures. The foggy goggle was the place to be later that night, it was packed with skiers, riders and all kinds of like minded people. It was awesome to hang out with the athletes in a more relaxed environment than the official meet and greet. 

For anyone who feels like they missed out there will be plenty more chances to experience the Sam Adams Big Air and Apres. Not only will it be happening again next season there are also other mountains like Mountain Creek, NJ and Breckenridge, CO. You don’t wanna miss it next season because it will surely blow your mind.  

Written by

-Ian Bohrmann


-Patrick Fogarty

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