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Thank you to Christopher Jamison and Sophie Magadieu who submitted art for this week. I added one of my own and I hope some of you will feel inspired and will want to submit some of your art to The Beacon. Just click on my name, Alexandra Griffin, in the staff box.

A Dying Rose

This rose was created using Micron Pens and Ohuhu Alcohol Markers. This drawing was made outside of class on his own. The artwork below shows three Play Bill posters by Christopher Jamison, our apologies for the small size of the images. Christopher could not find the artwork so we had to find these low resolution images.

Dante’s Play Bills

These were completed in a 2D Design class with Mike Lewis. All of these were made with Micron Pens and Ohuhu Alcohol Markers.

No One Mourns The Wicked

The bottom image under the bills is also created with Micron pens and Ohuhu Alcohol Markers. This was also completed outside of class.


Below, An inspirational quote for anyone that isn’t sure they are doing a good job…you got this! Painted on corrugated cardboard by Alexandra Griffin

Mushroom Skull

Below, Sophie Magadieu has created a digital painting using Firealpaca.

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