No Action on the Diamond

Photo of Liz Fortier at bat
Photo curtesy of Liz Fortier

Liz Fortier, the center fielder for the Southern Maine Community College Seawolves just heard the news that her second year of softball was canceled. Wanting a personal take on this I reached out to Liz about what her initial reaction was to the news.

 “When the news first broke that our softball season was canceled, I was angry. Not at anyone in particular. I’ve never felt more ready for a season and it got taken away from me.Now that we aren’t practicing everyday  I find myself to be sad sometimes throughout theses long days. It sucks to miss out on these memories I could have made with friends.” 

So why did the season get canceled?

 “Our season was canceled because we didn’t have enough girls to field a team. Our numbers  were low and we couldn’t find any other women to play. We had 3 girls quit in the past month.“ 

Last season was canceled as well, due to the pandemic, so I asked about her struggles to stay in shape without having a season for two straight years. 

“I believe that was the issue with girls quitting. We haven’t played in so long that some girls just didn’t want to play at all. I had my doubts at some points but I try to remember that softball makes me happy and I have to be patient.We have had a group of girls who communicate well with each other and stay trained through the off-season.” 

There were two freshmen on the team so I asked what words of advice Liz would give them to stay with softball and how to keep ready for next season.

“I will tell them to stick with it, don’t give up, your season will come and it will all be worth it! I’ll be at your games to support and cheer you on, you STUDS! “

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