We All Do It!

Photo by Elizabeth Fortier

We all know that the average person needs solid eight-plus hours of sleep in order to go through their day with bright energy. The question is, why do we push the limit? Why do we stay up well past the hour we give ourselves, knowing we won’t be well-rested the following day. We push ourselves all day at work or working to become a better “you.” At the end of a long workday, we want a couple hours of free range for “me” time. Whether it is self-care, hobbies, interests, or absolutely nothing (scrolling through social media).

Now, why do we take it too far? We know we need to sleep, but we are rebelling too? How does that make sense? We know that the early morning alarm is coming. We choose to wake up tired. We basically cry for ourselves to get to bed earlier each night. Yet we don’t hold ourselves accountable, because playtime is too necessary, so worth it!

If you are finding yourself in a bad sleep routine consider this… It is hard to have a sleep schedule. It is not easy to say “ok put down the phone, time for bed.” Instead, you catch yourself saying “one more reel on “TikTok”, end up scrolling 2 more hours worth, and the next thing you know it’s 2 a.m.  So does it really needs to be the same hour every night? Of course not, because as we know, that’s nearly impossible. Try and make a bedtime range of an hour, for example, let’s say, 10 p.m. to 11. This is a way to be well-rested. Going to sleep at around the same time every night is a healthy routine to get into.

The next thing to keep in mind is, it’s important to take the appropriate time to focus on yourself. Take 20 minutes and prepare yourself for the next day. It’s good for your brain to be organized, and you will wake up the next day ready to go! Plan your breakfast and maybe pack your lunch, pick out your outfit, and make a to-do list. This doesn’t mean you can’t watch an episode of your favorite show anymore. End the night by doing whatever it is that relaxes you. It’s important to set those limits though. Don’t find yourself watching the whole season.

When we repeatedly go to bed too late and don’t get the eight hours we need, we can become sleep-deprived. There are long-term health issues resulting from lack of sleep believe it or not. It’s not all about the dark eye bags and the amount of coffee you will need. The results are, high blood pressure, increased risk of heart attack and heart failure, increased risk of stroke, obesity, depression, and other mood disorders, and an increased risk of diabetes type 2.


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