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Lets Make A Zine

A Zine is a great way to reduce stress, improve creativity, take a break from your normal routine, and most importantly have some fun!

With the pandemic still going on, I have been staying home more than ever. honestly, this brought on a bunch of negative consequences on my mental health. However with the bad always comes the good. The best thing for me is, having so much more time to create and learn about art! For me personally, art has changed my life and is probably my favorite thing to do. I use art as a way to express myself when I can’t find a way to put it into words.

Recently I discovered the art of Zine making. And I know, your wondering what the hell is a Zine? But don’t worry I’m here to tell you. The word Zine comes from fanzine, this term was used to generally describe a small circulation of fiction publication. A Zine has many different purposes including Political messages, infographics, or even just fun messages. Learning about the process and the messages within Zines I was shocked. I had no idea that something so small could be used as a powerful tool.

But honestly, that isn’t even the best part about Zines. Instead, it’s the simple fact that there is no right or wrong way to do it! Want to create a Zine that is all about the lyrics in your favorite song? Then do it! Zine-making is all about giving ourselves the permission to create and express ourselves. 

In this post, I’m going to be showing you how to create a simple eight-page zine of your own!

Creating a Zine is fun, easy, and addictive. But you cant just take my word for it. You must try it for yourself! If you decide to create a zine using this tutorial, feel free to email it to me!

For this art project, you won’t need many supplies at all. You should be able to find all the supplies you need around your house!

Get your brown paper bag and cut it open. With the bag open place it on a flat surface.

With the bag on the table, Use your ruler and pencil! (so you can erase) and create 4 rectangles that are identical in size. They should be 2-2.5  inches wide and 4-5 inches tall

Now, using your scissors, cut out the rectangles you drew on the paper bag

Once you have the identical rectangles. Stack them on top of each other and fold them vertically in half.

Now it’s time to bind the book. The simplest way to do this is to staple where we folded the paper in step 4. However, if you want to be fancier you can use a needle and thread to bind that area! (I used a rubber band instead to fit the aesthetic)

And there you have it! Your first-ever Zine is all done!

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