How to Handle Email

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So many college students find themselves drowning in emails. The digital mail system can be an excellent way of communicating with others, but without proper maintenance, an inbox can become a cluttered heap of messages.

These emails become distracting, annoying, and even overwhelming. School inboxes are receiving a constant flow of alerts and messages that can become a serious problem. Anybody can become stressed and distracted by an overflowing email inbox. The busy inbox can also make it harder for us to find important information. Here are a few ways to keep your inbox from getting packed.


One of the easiest ways to deal with this problem it to stop it from arising in the first place. By regularly cleaning up your inbox and maintaining your email account you can keep it from becoming a problem. To maintain your email, you can start by deleting old, unimportant messages. In doing so, you can free up space in your storage, and keep old mail from crowding out the new or important information. Another upkeep method is sorting. Many email applications and websites allow you to create specific inboxes. For example, on Google’s Gmail app and the website you can create inboxes and have them receive emails only from specific senders. By creating separate inboxes for information, you can make it much easier to find the emails you are looking for.

Pairing down

If your email is already littered with too much information, another tactic you can use is reducing the amount of mail that you get. In removing unnecessary emails such as extra alerts or irrelevant newsletters, you can hedge down the amount of information you have to sift through to find what you need. In most alert emails and newsletters, you can find an option to unsubscribe from the service by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the email. Be careful not to cancel important subscriptions though. If you are receiving a monthly newsletter from an irrelevant website you used once last semester, it will be beneficial to unsubscribe from that. On the other hand, don’t get overzealous and unsubscribe from something important like grade updates from Brightspace.

Be thoughtful

Lastly, it’s helpful to be mindful of what new information you are introducing into your inbox. Before subscribing to new email newsletters or opting in to email alerts for services, consider if you actually need those emails. Avoid adding more junk mail into the mix. Similarly, be considerate of where you choose to have conversations. If you want to contact a professor, email is often the right choice, but if you want to have a conversation with your friend, choosing something like messenger rather than email will help you keep your inbox in a manageable state.

A stuffed inbox can cause a lot of problems. There’s a mental toll from the stress it causes, it makes it harder to find important information, and the constant notifications can be so distracting. It may seem like a daunting or tedious task, but tackling your email and cleaning it up can do a world of good.

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