Mind Over Matter

It’s time to start thinking about those summer plans and what comes with summer plans, your summer body. Now is the time to start hitting the gym and being comfortable with who you are. I know there has been a time some of us have made one of our New Year’s resolutions to be to start going to the gym. How many of us actually do it and stick with it? Maybe only a small percent. People will use the excuse of not having enough time to go but when there’s a will there’s a way. Even if you just go up and down your stairs at home a couple of times that helps or maybe even walking to the mailbox.

Social media plays a big role when it comes to looks and people’s bodies. We are told to be a certain body shape/size. Social media can cause a lot of insecurities for some. Filters can lead to a lot of misconceptions because people can edit how they look.

Consistency plays a big role when it comes to the gym. You have to keep up with a schedule and routine. Like Mondays may be leg day, Tuesday’s Glutes & Quads, Wednesday back and shoulders, etc. It’s also good to go to the gym at least 3x a week. People should try to be consistent with a diet. This can be the most tricky for some especially if they’re a “foodie”.

Planet fitness has an app where you can see how crowded the gym in your location is at that time. This is really helpful especially because some people have what’s known as “gym anxiety” where they don’t like to work out if it’s too crowded. They also have it where you can track your week at the gym. It counts the activities you did, how many calories you burned, and how many minutes you spent on an activity per day. It also shows you how to use the equipment and how to do different workouts. If you become a black card member there are so many good perks. Some of those perks are bringing a guest for free anytime, access to any planet fitness location in the country, unlimited use of their massage chairs, half-price on their drinks, unlimited use of their tanning beds, and discounts on Reebok products.

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