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‘Euphoria’ Best Show Ever?


A show where sex, drugs, alcohol, and drama are glamorized,  Euphoria just might be the most-watched show right now. The show starring Zendaya follows her in a life of addiction to opiates as a teenager, as well as other obstacles that come her way. The show also follows other characters played by actors including Sydney Sweeney, Hunter Schafer, Jacob Elordi, and others. These characters’ storylines include past trauma, betrayal, and sex. Every character has a crazy storyline that viewers can’t get enough of. Euphoria is now filming season 3, which will be dropping in 2024. Besides the show’s outstanding acting and hooking storyline, what makes the show so appealing? 

This show is not for high schoolers, even though it’s based on that group of people. I suggest only viewers 18 and older watch the show. With Rue’s drug addiction, Nate’s daddy issues, Cassie’s insecurities, Jules’s need to be loved, and Maddie’s confidence, each character storyline is fascinating to watch! I am constantly turning down the volume and  looking around me to see if anyone is around. The drugs and sex scenes are not easy to watch and the show has an intense storyline. By far the best part of this show is the art. This show takes fashion, makeup, lighting, and music to the next level. In every episode, you see different exotic makeup looks. Personally, I look forward to that every episode. Each character and their extraverted personalities have their own fun fashion statements. Euphoria is a present-day trendsetter for sure (but make sure your younger siblings are not watching). The cinematography and music of Euphoria are absolutely breathtaking to experience. If you haven’t watched the show but are interested, HBO offers the first episode free!

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