MLB Season in Limbo

On March 9th 2022, the Major League Baseball and the Players Association will continue to meet as they try to come to terms on the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. If a deal is reached they will play 162 games and no games will be canceled. If a deal is not reached at 3pm EST on March 9th time another week of games will be canceled. Several sources reported the MLB has moved on some of the big issues including the CBT or luxury tax, a Pre arbitration pool, and the minimum salaries of players. These changes are closer to what the players want, however there are strings attached. 

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The MLB wants to add an International draft which will eliminate the qualifying offer on free agents. The players want to eliminate the qualifying offer yet they are opposed to the international draft. Currently, international players can sign at 16, but most have a verbal agreement at 12-years old per source. Those players get a signing bonus, but if there is a draft they lose the bonus.

 According to Ben Nicholson Smith of TSN, MLB sources estimate that an International Draft would guarantee the top 600 international players $181 million dollars a year, and that it would total $190 million or $6.33 million per team, which is more than teams spent in 2020-2021 according to league calculations.

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