Spin & Get Thin

Cyclebar located in Portland, Maine

If you’re looking to make your workouts interesting, then look no further, Cyclebar, located in Portland, Maine is a fun interactive spin class that gets everyone involved, ranging from beginner to intermediate level. First-time cyclers get to attend a class for free. 

Their hours of operations are:

  • Mon: 7am-7pm, 
  • Tue, Wed, Thu: 6am-7pm, 
  • Fri: 6am-6pm,  
  • Sat & Sun: 7am-11am

They offer a variety of different classes. Classic offers a mix of strength, endurance, challenges, hills, and drills. 

Performance ups the rider’s game with a ride that motivates them with group challenges and rider competitions. 

Connect lets its riders unplug. They transform the studio into a sanctuary by turning off the monitors and tuning into the beats. 

Cyclegives is an exciting indoor cycling ride for companies, groups, and families to help raise proceeds that benefit a cause. 

Empower lets the rider tap into their strength and power during this athletic ride. Xpress is an interval-packed, rhythm-based ride that keeps the rider working hard for 30 straight minutes. 

They always offer a wide variety of discounts during the months, making membership costs more affordable and flexible to others who want to take advantage of their program

For further information, you can visit their official website

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