After Injury Dobbins Will Be Back on Diamond in 2022

Hunter Dobbins, who was born in Bryan Texas in 1999. He was the 8th round pick, 226th overall pick of the Boston Red Sox in the 2021 draft out of Texas Tech. 

Photo curtesy of Hunter Dobbins

I asked him if he could take me through the draft process. “The draft process can be a scary but exciting. There’s always the fear of not getting picked but you just have to trust in the relationships that have been built and let your talent and track record speak for themselves and try to enjoy the ride. From the scouts being at the games to the pre draft conversations with teams to finally hearing your names called. It’s all an unreal experience and a dream come true.”

“Being drafted by the Red Sox is almost like destiny for me.

Asked what it was like to be drafted by the Red Sox, Dobbins said “Being drafted by the Red Sox is almost like destiny for me. My dad retired from pro baseball to raise me because being a dad was more important to him and he has always been a die hard Red Sox fan so being drafted by Boston is almost a way I can repay him a little for his sacrifice.”

After not pitching in 2021 due to Tommy John Surgery and the Covid shutdown Dobbins will be back on the diamond in 2022. “I am just looking forward to competing and pitching again. Due to covid and an injury I haven’t pitched in a true game for about 2 years so I’m just ready to get back on the mound and start working my way up.”

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