Once in a Life Time Free Event for Maine Youth: The Red Bull Slide-In Tour at Sunday River

The Red Bull Slide-In Tour came to Sunday River on March 12th. This was a super fun event put on by world-famous X-Games athlete Zeb Powell and friends. Zeb is an X-Games gold medalist and is easily one of the best snowboarders to ever do it. His super aggressive yet graceful style of riding is truly unique to watch. 

The tour started in the morning teaching the young ones some tips and tricks in “Who-ville,” which is the mini progression park at Sunday River. The morning clinic was completely free and athletes did not need to purchase a lift ticket to participate. This kind of event is meant to give kids who might not be as fortunate financially to get some coaching for free from the pros. This is truly a once in a life-time event that is giving back to the Maine community. In the afternoon the Free Ride session took place in T72, the big park at Sunday River where Zeb and the crew tossed tricks for fun and for the camera. Overall this was a great event for everyone involved. If you would like to attend a Red Bull event in Maine look on their website for next winter. 

Photo from Zeb Powells Instagram.

Written By Ian Bohrmann

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