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I have some artwork that SMCC students have shared with me, there are so many I will be halving them for next week and the week after. I am also sharing a poem from one of my last classes, Creative Writing, that I took with David Stankiewicz. Suzanne, a student from SMCC has offered to contribute some of her lovely photography images for us first. Please enjoy!


By Alexandra Griffin

We go around like Entrepreneurs by day 


Creatures by night

Up in the sky;

the sun sets to twilight. 

Stars twinkle in the distance, 

Illuminating our paths.

We are always awake 


always alone.

One terrible thing about being alone;

no one will help you when you are in danger.

Nowhere to hide 

from him.


stalking us in the dead of night.

The trees whisper his name, 

and the animals flee. 

Yes, we may party together

But run by ourselves.  

We flee, but 

he catches up. 

Always one is always lost.

Everywhere we are 

you follow.

We gotta get out of here 

before he finds us. 

We can’t be caught –

We are the creatures of the night

Down below you will find three different photography images that Suzanne has contributed. She used all of these images with a Canon EOS 250D. She wasn’t in a particular class, but it was only for practice. She is now in the photography one class.

Beach at SMCC – Seagull

DC zoo 1 – Alligator

Maine Botanical Garden – white flower 

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