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King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Drops New Music!

Australian psychedelic rock band King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard dropped a two song single last week titled “Magenta Mountain”. The B-Side was titled “The Dripping Tap”. This was released through their own KGLW label. It is promotion for their upcoming 20th studio album (and first double album) titled “Omnium Gatherum” This is their first album since the COVID-19 pandemic with all members of the band being present together during recording. The last few albums they’ve recorded were done remotely.

King Gizzard is known for their prolific recording and writing processes. They started in 2010 in Melbourne, Australia. In that time they have recorded 20 studio albums, two official live albums, two compilations, three extended plays and forty-two singles. They have also played around the world and have international recognition and fame. They have gone through many different genres and styles- notably starting off with blues based psychedelic tinged garage rock, then they moved into a jammy style, then they experimented with jazz, pop, electronic and metal. They even ventured into microtonal music, a style of music tuning more common in Middle Eastern songs.

Photo Credit- Bryan Lasky (IG-@boneydiego)

The first track in their two song single release, “Magenta Mountain” clocks in at around six minutes. It is bubbly, light hearted and has a good driving beat. The bass is prominent in this track, it sounds very funky and warm. The chorus is catchy and is reminiscent of more traditional pop music. It starts off very structured and has a strong synth line carrying the song. Further along, the groove deepens and expands. The song has a more complex sonic palette and chugs along until finally it brings us back home with a repeat of the start of the song structurally. 

The second track, “The Dripping Tap” is a sonic behemoth. At eighteen minutes, seventeen seconds. This song requires some focus to get through but has a wonderful payout. The song sounds incredibly jammy and driving. It also shreds! The guitar is super prominent in the track. It reminds me of Krautrock, a style of psychedelic rock popular in Germany in the 1970s. The track is fast paced and really journeys into the unknown. The groove continues and doesn’t hold back. It kept me engaged throughout the entire song and I am so glad I listened through it. It kept my attention the whole time and was ear candy in terms of production! I would recommend this to anyone remotely interested in good music to drive to, focus too or dance!

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