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If you’re someone who likes to work out at home then there are many great Youtuber health fitness coaches who post fitness videos/plans for you to follow along with. I know during the lockdown of 2020 people were using them to work out and lose weight.
One of the most popular ones is known as Chloe Ting. Chloe Ting offers a variety of different workout plans based on what you’re looking to work on. Her workout programs are free which is awesome because some peoples are not. She also offers different diet plans that people can check out if they need help with their eating habits. A great thing about Chloe is that she’ll have videos on her Youtube page of people doing before and afters. So they will show how they looked before her program and then how they look after. The results are also so amazing and so motivating. She posts new programs throughout the year so it is not the same thing over and over again. For instance, right now she has one up called 2022 weight loss challenge. This is a 27-day program that works all the areas of your body. Unfortunately, I have never fully completed a whole program but I have gotten like two weeks in before, and let me tell you, you will feel the burn and see a difference! She also includes rest days throughout the program so you can recuperate. On her website, you can log your progress as well. I would definitely say check her out if you like to do home workouts and want to see a difference at the end.
Next up we have Daisy Keech. Just like Chloe Ting, she offers different workout programs for different areas. Hers, unfortunately, are not free though. If you go on her Youtube you can watch some of the videos she has uploaded and those are of course free but they’re not for a certain amount of days they are just one video with a certain amount of workouts. She does however have free meal plans that you can download and use. She has one for detox smoothies, banana oat pancakes, and avocado toast.
Lastly, we have Pamela Reif. She has a great website with different program workouts. The website is not directly by her though but it does have all of her videos. On the website, she has a video for every day of the week. They each feature a workout for different parts of your body. She also breaks it down for beginners and for what you’re looking to focus on. All of these are free and you just click on them and they redirect you to Youtube and you can easily follow along. It’s also great to do it like this because if you need a break you can pause the video and rest for a couple of seconds.
All three of these are great I mentioned if you don’t feel like going to the gym but you still want to lose weight.

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