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I have found a student named Logan Mulliken who wants to publish his poetry piece and he wrote this poem in his literature class with Katherine Woodbury. Here I am again submitting to the art and poetry column. I also decided to submit some of my photography images and a poem that I have written. Please enjoy!

Tweeting Bird

by Logan Mullikin

     Ohh tweeting bird ohh tweeting bird.

Why must your call come out whether I want it or not?

Show self-control in my space.

Tweeting bird tweeting bird

Won’t you leave me to be, why must you be in my range?

Leave me be leave me be. Allow me to slumber in peace.

When I leave, I feel you follow but in different forms.

I hear your tweeting and I can’t escape.

I feel your lack of empathy for others.

Desiring to hear your voice or to attract a mate never-to-come.

Humble yourself, learn the power of silence and listening.

It comes with true power, true strength with stoicism.

Tweeting bird ohh tweeting bird, leave my brain alone.

Your sounds of affirmation when no one wants your sound,

trying to ignore your call to continue with their plans.

Your calls turn to screams with your yearning to make noise.

With the windows shut and heads turned, you still act out.

Loud bird loud bird take your leave

From my life forevermore.

Let me be so my brain can have silence, free from your chains.

Bird oh bird.

Maybe, this may be my fault more than yours.

For allowing your chains to bind me alone.

I’ll treat you as if it’s unavoidable, not your fault but mine.

But you are just a bird alone, just another bird in a flock trying to be heard.

Down below is my photography images and a short poem.

A picture of a sunset at my home, taken out of class

Flower picture in Bucksport, ME, taken out of class

A Rainbow At The End

           by Alexandra Griffin 

I feel dark and dreary when I get up.

Circles under my eyes when I look in the mirror. 

But, then the wind whistles through the window and my eyes light up with excitement. 

Through the cracks in the walls and through the open window in the bathroom, making the glass chimes jingle and jangle. 

I peer out the window and see the wind brush through the trees, heading for the west. 

“It’s time” I say to myself. 

I pack up my bags and head out the door…

I look out to the new day and see the path that will take me somewhere like I’ve never been before. 

It might be hard and very cold once I have started but if I keep on working through it I know I will end up where I need to be. 

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