Word Processors

Clicking on the O365 link will direct you to Microsoft’s applications.
Screenshot taken on MySMCC by Anthony Gendron

College students often have to write papers. In this modern era, most college papers are required to be typed, not written. College students use word processors often, so it can be helpful to pick the right one. Two word processors commonly used at SMCC are Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

SMCC students have free access to both of these. Students can gain access to Microsoft Word by navigating through the MySMCC site. After logging in, students can go directly to the Microsoft office page by clicking the link labeled O365 at the top of the page. Students can access google docs through any browser or through the mobile app, as long as they have a Gmail account. Both Microsoft Word and Google Docs are helpful tools for writing and formatting documents. 

Which application students may use is partially up to their instructors and partially up to personal preference. Some instructors may suggest or require using one over the other. However, as many Brightspace assignments are turned in as PDFs and both Word and Docs can format that file type, there isn’t usually a need to use one over the other in that sense.

One point that may influence users’ preference for one processor over the other is the layout. Some find Microsoft Word to have a more navigable interface, while others prefer the layout of google docs. The two have comparable features but how they are placed on the page can have a big impact on workflow. If you are considering which processor is the right tool for the job, pick the one that you can navigate most easily, it may help your productivity. It’s a lot easier to focus on an assignment when you don’t have to hunt for the font size button.

Picking the right application that works best for you can be a big help. When you have to write your next assignment, take a moment to check out the options you have available to you. You might find out that one processor works better for you than the other. 

Clicking the 9 dot arrangement will bring you to Google’s selection of tools, including Google Docs
Screenshot taken on Gmail by Anthony Gendron

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