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Results Are In: People Still Believe Netflix’s Policies Are Unfair

A variant of Netflix’s “N” logo, 2019.

Netflix’s decision to raise subscription prices continues to mark a presence on social media, and the streaming giant isn’t taking their losses all too well. Since last month, Netflix has also announced they may be adding mobile games, canceling many of their progressive television series’ and ones that had yet to be released, including Space Force and Pearl, and adding advertisements to their movies. 

Users and subscribers are obviously not happy with these cuts, and would rather watch movies and television on other streaming services, including HBO Max and Hulu. A survey was conducted to determine whether or not people truly believe Netflix’s policies are unfair, and the results appear too predictable. 

In the study, it was determined that the majority of the surveyed population found Netflix’s policies unfair, with 65.4% believing so. Additionally, only 19.2% believed that maybe their policies weren’t acceptable, whereas 15.4% of the surveyed reported they liked or tolerated the new policies. 

Other than Netflix, it appears 53.8% prefer Hulu as their go-to streaming service, followed by HBO Max (42.3% of users) and Disney Plus (30.8% of users). 

The final question asked users to rate, on a scale from one to ten, how they currently felt about Netflix’s new policies as of last month. According to the findings, 61.5% (1-4) of all individuals surveyed felt disappointed in Netflix, with only 11.5% (7-10) having a positive response towards these new changes and Netflix as a whole. Only 27% (5-6) still had mixed feelings altogether.

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