Closing Day at Sugarloaf

Yesterday was May 1st, and it was the last day of the season for east coast ski resorts at Sugarloaf. It was one of the most epic last days of the season ever-It has been years since there has been that much snow for closing day. Over 50 trails were open and bare spots were pretty much non-existent. The mountain could easily be open until June if they put their mind to it. To say the least it is a shame that the so-called “King of Spring” is shutting down with this much snow. 

The day started out as a normal day at Sugarloaf on the famous super quad. The lift was running at high speeds as always, the wind was at a bare minimum and it was a perfect bluebird day. Mount Katahdin was even visible from the top of the super quad, a sight that is very rare and one that many are not even aware of.  

Freestyle skiers were given quite the treat- it is very rare that the park is open on closing day and Stomping Grounds was in surprisingly great shape. It is quite common for rails to be falling over when the snow is so soft. This was not the case whatsoever and every rail was still standing up. The setup was very fun and all of the mountain’s best boxes were set up. Hitting boxes again was pretty fun, a lot of mountains don’t really set them up anymore so it was quite a treat. The feature at the end of the Stomping Grounds was the best one. It was a flat-down butter box that was very fun to hit. The jumps were alright but the soft sticky snow made it impossible to get speed. This is normal considering the stomping grounds is such a flat trail. 

Enough talk about the park, the rest of the mountain was awesome. The lifeline under the super quad was the equivalent of skiing an obstacle course. There was barely enough snow for it to be open. One had to dodge rocks, grass, and logs to make it down. Double Bitter was insane, filled with bumps and bare spots. It was the ultimate challenge to ski it fast without hitting any of the bare spots. 

The super quad was not the only lift that was open, Skyline was open as well and it had access to some of the best skiing to be had all season. Every trail that had snowmaking had full coverage top to bottom. The trails without snowmaking still had enough snow to ski down at a good speed if you were capable of dodging grass and rocks.  Skyline was super fun skiing under that lift line comes with its own special risk as the lift is so low to the ground that you could hit your face on someone’s skis. 

Misery Whip and Bubblecuffer were the definitions of east coast spring bumps. The moguls were up to your armpits, by the time you got to the bottom of the trail your quads would be on fire, but the skiing was too good to call it quits. 

Overall it was one of the best closing days ever at Sugarloaf, the amount of snow they still have is insane. If you still have the itch to get some turns in, Sugarloaf, Sunday River, Saddleback, and Mount Washington still all have plenty of snow to skin up and ski down. Unfortunately, unless you plan on skinning, your ski season is officially over. 

Written By Ian Bohrmann.

Photo By Ian Bohrmann

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