Saddle Back Film Session

A few weekends ago a group of local Maine riders all descended to Saddleback with the goal to film a ski edit to upload to youtube. Riders from Sugarloaf and Sunday River as well as Saddleback all took part.

 On the first day, we encountered very strange weather. It was a bluebird day, the view was incredible and the temperatures were a perfect 35 degrees. However, a strong wind was blowing uphill. This constant wind did not allow for the snow to melt. Nature was trying its best to create the perfect bluebird day for us however the wind just would not allow it to happen. The snow decided to stay frozen all day and the sun just could not muster the strength to warm it up. Due to the wind, it was very hard to get speed. Nonetheless, we persevered, everyone did their best to land tricks even with the wind howling.  By 1 o’clock a large crowd of skiers was gathered in the park. We hiked rails in the windy conditions for the rest of the afternoon. The first day ended with a solid session but the best was yet to come. 

Sunday was the best possible weather you could ask for, 50 degrees and sunny, mountain ops also decided to run the rope tow. This allowed for lighting fast park laps. We estimated that you could lap the park over 20 times an hour. Everyone was hitting the jump. Backflips, switch rodeos, corks and flat 3s were all tossed by pretty much everyone in the crowd. The morning jump session got quite rowdy and there were some major crashes. Overall the entire weekend was incredible, the video should be coming out in a couple months on a youtube channel called Arsenic Anywhere. 

Written by Ian Bohrmann. 

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