De-stress during finals!

Finals week is coming to an end, but for some including myself that doesn’t mean, the stress of finals is gone yet. If you are feeling stressed out don’t worry! Here below are 10 great tips that you can use to keep your stress levels low.

  1. The first one is pretty important. You need to get plenty of sleep. sure some nights you may have to stay up working on those assignments. but try not to make it a habit. Because a rested mind is much smarter than a sleepy one.
  1. Try and socialize, if that’s your thing. College is a great time in your life to try and meet as many people as possible! so go try it out.
  1. Get together with some friends and have study sessions. Studying with a group of friends is a great way to get through what seems like the hardest week!
  1. Similar to the last step, you can also spend some time with family. During stressful times spending time with family that is close can help take your mind off your schoolwork for a moment.
  1. Remember to set up some time for yourself. Writing papers and reading can turn our brains to mush and spending all your time focused on school is definitely not good for you. Try and do something that makes you happy and most importantly allow yourself to have this time to not worry about school at all.
  1. Go hug an animal! Who doesn’t love animals, take a moment to go hug your furry friend and forget about all that homework!
  1. Take a walk! I know it’s what everyone says but there’s a reason for that! Walking is a great way to get your body moving and your brain working! But don’t just take my word for it. Go try it yourself.
  1. Listen to music! Music has a ton of positive benefits and requires very little thought. You can listen to your favorite music in the background of your studying. Doing this can even soothe your nerves.
  1.  Eat chocolate! Because why not.
  1. Clean up the space around you. It is very important to have a nice clean workspace to keep yourself organized and focused on your work

And remember it’s almost over!!

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