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How to Overcome Writer’s Block

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Many people, particularly writers, often feel they lack creativity while trying to write something. This condition is known as writer’s block — and it’s not contagious. Many writers will experience writer’s block at least once during their experiences, and may have a hard time coming up with an idea, or finding the right motivation technique, but how does one overcome this condition? Well, it simply lies within the writer, but here are some tips to get you out of writer’s block.

First off, writer’s block is when a writer starts to lack ideas for their works, or is unable to spark creativity. In most cases, writer’s block is usually triggered through stress or feeling “forced” to write something. Typically those who are confronted with this condition typically don’t feel motivated, or just lack pursuing, which can weigh heavily on people who either need to get some work done or just want to finish that novel they’ve been working on since 2019. 

Many writers suggest listening to music to get themselves motivated to write, as it helps to pump the imagination. Getting inspiration is the best way to write something, no matter what it is. To do this, pick music that fits the closest to what you’re writing about: if you’re writing a fictional story in the epic fantasy genre, perhaps one should listen to medieval-inspired music. If one is writing about personal triumph, it would be best to listen to calm, collective, and soothing ambiance music, like the sounds of wind, or nature-like instrumental music. 

Another way to confront writer’s block is to pace, walk, jog, or any other minor form of exercise. By doing this, the writer will get their blood pumping, increasing brain activity. Doing this will allow your brain to process thoughts more quickly. While doing this, some recommend making up fake scenarios in your head, or even speaking them aloud to yourself, and taking notes when inspiration comes.

For those writing stories, a good way to overcome this condition is by writing all your ideas down, no matter how crazy, wild, or ridiculous. By doing this, you will be able to outline some sort of manuscript easier and eliminate the ideas you find weak and place the ideas in chronological order. It is also best to get inspired — go for walks, step inside a character’s shoes, or even give some friends a “made-belief” prompt and ask for their opinions.

Another great way to overcome writer’s block is by making a schedule or making time daily to write. For those writing for school, this one may not apply but is still useful if you’re interested in doing so. Writing every day, or at a given time, will get you in the habit of coming up with new ideas, and will flex your creative knowledge. Even if you don’t have anything to write, it’s best to come up with something — you can even ask someone for a prompt, look at something and develop your own, or search for random ones online.

So there you have it — now you can try and overcome writer’s block for yourself. It may not be easy at first, but once it’s confronted and figuratively defeated, you’ll be able to flex your creativity and get your project completed. 

You can read more on how to confront your writer’s block (and how to fight it) here:

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