Campus News

A Refugee In Maine 

Saima Sayed is an Afghani refugee from Karachi, Pakistan who migrated to Maine in 1998. She is now the mother of three incredibly cute children. In addition to her passion for photography, writing, and cooking, she is also a student at Southern Maine Community College. 

Campus News Editor, Saima Sayed.

At just 9 years old, she began a quest to become a professional photojournalist. The first camera she owned was a Kodak one-time use model. Since then, as a photojournalist, she wants to tell the story of the world. Sayed is looking forward to will be sharing her ideas and images from Maine around the world while also reaching out to other professionals in the field. 

As part of her focus, she will emphasize women’s rights, honor killings, child marriages, and religion. Besides expanding her knowledge of writing in English (her first language is Dari), Saima’s mission as a student is to share knowledge and education to her classmates.  

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