Love, Serena

The topic of conversation in sports lately is how Serena Williams is retiring from tennis. In an article in “Vogue”, Serena talks about how she didn’t want to retire just yet, and how it’s going to be a tough transition for her to do so. Every time she thinks about retiring, it just makes her more sad about it and she doesn’t want to talk about it. She also talks about how she was born to play tennis. Even at the young age of 18 months, she was already picking up a tennis racket, which is very crazy to me. She also talks about how her sister Venus played tennis as well, and that kind of helped shape her career, because she was able to learn from her mistakes, and learn how to win and be a champ from just simply observing losses. Williams also mentions how she was inspired by Pete Sampras and Monica Seles. She enjoyed watching Seles because she could study every move, attack it and even listen. Serena was able to accomplish her goals while dealing with pregnancy, depression, and playing after the c-section before a grand slam final.

By AndrewHenkelman – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

In the second half of this article, she also talks about her raising her child, Olympia. Williams even states she didn’t think she would be ready to have a kid or raise one with her career. She also mentions how she is looking forward to being able to be around Olympia more, and being off of the court lifestyle now.

She also owns  a company called “Serena Ventures” and running that business excites her as well. Williams wanted to start this business for just women at first, having only recently hired their first man, but wanted to show they can do this with diversity. Williams basically wanted to show the world what a black woman is capable of doing in America. 

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